Using Coupon Codes

Using coupon codes to promote Simbae will assist to increase your monthly earnings. Check out our Promotions page for the latest coupon codes and offers.

Coupon codes carry quite a bit of power, they can make or break a sale, they make the customer feel good about purchasing from you, it also increases their customer loyalty – in some cases, they may be willing to spend more when they use a coupon code. We provide new banners frequently in conjunction with the monthly 10% off code, as well as banners in other languages, and product launch material. Make sure to update your banners frequently so your graphics don’t become dated.

In the Promotions area, you will find banners made specifically for this coupon code offer, that you are free to use or create your own. Just right click and save image as, and then upload onto your blog or social media channels.


  • Encourage using the code to your viewers.
  • Include your affiliate link with your coupon code.

Sharing coupon codes can really improve your sales. Use these tips when planning your upcoming blog posts and videos!