YouTube Strategies

YouTube is a great way to showcase yourself and the products you are offering – it is a preferred marketing source because in this digital age videos are having a much higher engagement rate across all social media channels. YouTube is a great options with many different strategies you can try to increase affiliate sales and gain subscribers along the way.

Your About Area

One easy way to increase your viability is to paste your Affiliate link in the About section of your YouTube Channel. This is a good place as many subscribers go here to check out your links, information and any special offers you may have.

Add your social links and your Affiliate link as well, once they have been updated the buttons will automatically show up in your “About” section, as well as your cover photo.

Video Description

When showcasing a Simbae product through video, make sure you clearly say the name so that your viewers know which product it is and just to reaffirm, name the product in the description box.

Video Tips

When it comes to making, recording and creating YouTube videos, make sure they are too the point, entertaining and most importantly showcase your own pet! This will not only help create a trust factor but who doesn’t love watching pets online! Be sure your video is high quality sound and display, so people enjoy watching your video!


Last but not least – don’t just keep your video content on YouTube, share it on all your social media channels – spread the word with your video is a great way to engage, interact and entertain your viewers.