Blog Strategies

Blogs are the new hot place for fabulous writers who have stories, experiences, and opinions to share with the world. What is great about having a blog, no matter what platform you use, is it is open for the world to see. As an Affiliate, this means you could be attracting people to your blog from all over the world and have the opportunity to increase your Affiliate earnings considerably.


Make sure a Simbae banner is on your blog, and be sure it is linked with your unique Affiliate link.  Don’t be afraid to switch it up every now and then, keeping your look fresh and updated. You can find your banners here [link].



  • Banner Placement is very important – keep it clean, simple and in a place that is easily found and noticed by your readers.
  • A nicely presented blog which has easy navigation will attract and keep your readers on your website for longer periods of time. So keep your blog engaging with current banners and information, new blogs, coming soon items.
  • A Banner with a promotion or special offer will catch your reader’s attention, meaning it is more likely to secure a sale this way. You can read about the importance of discount codes and coupon marketing here.



Images are important visual tools for Affiliates, as they describe the content of your blogs.  Images will gain your followers attention and they also search engine friendly giving your blog a lot of benefits.


  • If you are writing a product review, make sure to include photos of the product along with the post.
  • If you do not have your own photos, you can always use images from the Sigma website or the Sigma Affiliate blog.

Sharing Experiences

The purpose of a blog is to share the knowledge of your personal experience and journey with the products you review, the places you visit, the food you tried and the people you met on your journey that is called life. Keep your blog genuine – it should not be all about selling to your followers, you have to build a blog community where you interact and engage with your readers.



Text-links have a much higher click-through rate than banner ads.  So be sure to always use Text-links throughout your blog content, strategically use them on places where your readers can follow and get more information. With a blog, you need to use all your resources, banners, text links, images with links, and URL!

Create deep links that go directly to the products you are trying to promote – this can be done through your Affiliate Area, using the Link Generator too made for you. Simply copy the link of the product page you want to promote, paste and then link to your content, banner or image.

Disclosure Policy

Don’t forget to include your disclosure policy at the end of your blog article!